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do the poet and scientist not work analogously?

“[i am healing by mistake.]
rome is also built on ruins.”


Prince Rhaegar loved his Lady Lyanna and thousands died for it

She holds her hair up with only two chopsticks and a bobby pin.
Think Atlas. Think shoulders.
When your sadness starts to feast,
she carries the light down from the
mountain and hands it to you,
tells you to set it on fire.
Think Prometheus. Think savior.
On Sunday, she steps out of the shower and you don’t think you’ve ever seen anything more beautiful than the way she walks towards you with a towel on her head, water clinging to her like there is
nowhere else it would rather be.
Think Aphrodite. Think sea foam.
You love her like mythology.
You love her like the impossible stories of Gods and monsters.
When she sings, think fairies.
Think mermaids. Think hymns.
She is the face of the river that
Narcissus fell in love with,
confusing hers for his own.
She is Medusa’s fury,
Athena’s strength,
Achelois’ healing.
You are kissing her in a crowded
restaurant and it feels like praying.
You are watching her instead of the
meteor shower
and you don’t even notice.
Mythology | Caitlyn Siehl (via alonesomes)

sad china looking around in the uni cafeteria 


sad china looking around in the uni cafeteria 

Every introvert alive knows the exquisite pleasure of stepping from the clamor of a party into the bathroom and closing the door.
Sophia Dembling - The Introvert’s Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World (via mustangblood)


History Meme | 1/6 Women ∙ ADELITA ( Period of the Mexican revolution )

Adelita was likely a Durangan woman (whose identity has not been yet established beyond doubt) who joined the Maderista movement (the revolutionary party led by Francisco I. Madero) at an early stage of the Mexican Revolution. Adelita became a popular icon that documented the role of women in the Mexican Revolution, and gradually became synonymous with the term soldadera or female soldier who became a vital force in the revolutionary war efforts due to their participation in the battles against Mexican government forces.

Today, it is argued that Adelita came to be an archetype of a woman warrior in Mexico and a symbol of action and inspiration. Additionally, her name is used to refer to any woman who struggles and fights for her rights.

exo? heh no i dont listen to exo.. their music isnt even that goo- [trips] [thousands of xiumin photo cards spill out of my jacket] wh- i dont even know who that is  [bends over to pick them up] [more spill out] shi it these arnt mine i- [quickly gathering them up]  listen i m just holding them for a friend i- fuck just please dont tell anyone-


Laverne Cox, Dazed & Confused Magazine