Hedda Selder

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Hair @ Kenzo Fall/Winter 2011

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volchitza said:
YOU DESERVE NICE THINGS AND HAPPINESS come here i want to hug you

SO DO YOU MY LOVELY ARI!!!!! you deserve all the happiness in the world because you are such a wonderful human being and you are always so kind to me, so thank you!! ((gives you the hug of the century))

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"It was the shadow of Some one who had gone by long before: of Some one who had gone on far away quite out of reach, never, never to come back. It was bright to look at; and when the tiny woman showed it to the Princess, she was proud of it with all her heart, as a great, great, treasure."

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for we are angels, and our birthright is the stars

regulusblacking said:
1. no seriously though beautiful tags. 2. exquisite taste all around. 3. eloquent, well-spoken, and intelligent. 3. i'm pretty sure your blog will make me watch the HBO war series. 4. you're nicer than you think you are!!! 5. and your blog is pretty much perfect, i am a huge fan.

*curls up in a ball* ahhhh what a cutie you are!! this is so wonderfully lovely, thank you!!!! this definitely makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

and i’m so happy you have a high opinion and think such nice things of me aww (AND YOU SHOULD DEF WATCH HBO WAR DO IT DO IT DO IT FOR ME)

Orphan Black cinematography

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